4417 Rue St-Denis , Montréal QC, Canada  H2J 2L2

COVID-19 疫情期間有些人遭受失去親人、失去工作及對未來失去希望的痛苦。中信滿地可中心同工深深感受到這些巨大影響帶來我們社區莫大的痛苦。為迎戰疫症期間及疫後新「社會常態」的來臨,我們的關懷策略必須有所改變。我們在安全情況下主動進入人群, 及透過互聯網和電話來擴大服務範圍,並與中信加拿大各省的中心合作,以便提供更好的服務給予社區。

During the COVID-19 pandemic, some of us suffered the pain of losing family members, job and even hope. Our staff at CCM Montreal center empathizes with these pains and sufferings. We have changed our caring strategy in facing the new normal and challenges. We are still actively reaching out to our communities, and even serving a greater area through the internet and telecare. With the cooperation of other CCM centers, we will be providing a better service to our communities.


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Help support our ministry and have some fun! Your every step counts!

All funds raised will go towards supporting the capital needs of the new CCM Montreal Centre and Social Enterprise Café.

不再孤單—精神健康輔助同行課程 (渥太華)

Accompanying Those with Mental Illness (Ottawa)

2022 渥太華網上粵語課程
Ottawa Cantonese Online Training

22/10/2022 – 17/12/2022 (隔週六)
13:00 – 16:00 (東岸時間 Eastern Time)

用心聽 Deep Listening

13/10/2022 – 24/11/2022 (逢週四 Every Thur)
2:30 – 4:30pm (東岸時間 Eastern Time)







我們有一個盼望,就是上帝用這個地方成為一個福音的社企, 一個亞洲式咖啡店,我們求神可以使用這個地方去幫助一些貧困、被邊緣化及弱勢人士能重新與社會聯繫。而最重要的是希望他們在這個地方能遇見神。讓中信滿地可中心新會址成為一個能與不同族裔傳揚福音的地方。


All the good work comes from God: Vision leads to responsibility, responsibility leads to mission, and mission leads to accomplishment.

 “To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God” (Micah 6:8)

Amid us, there are friends, brothers, and sisters who are experiencing difficulties and troubles. With this mission from God, let’s walk with them and help them through the ups and downs of their life.

So, Walk with God! Experience His meticulous care and love, and enjoy His Grace, Mercy, and Blessings.

Permanent office space and social enterprise initiation

We hope the new CCM Montreal center can also be used for social enterprise, which does not only provide a stable income for the center, but also provide job opportunities for marginalized and vulnerable groups. We pray and hope that we can spread Gospel to these groups to help them find their purpose, respect, dignity, and status in society. We hope that the new office space will become a blessing to others.

Please continue to pray for us. Your support will become our strength and encouragement!